The Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society from Madnomad Films on Vimeo. Credits: Filmed by Chuck Cirino (Weird TV), Doug Wellman, Scott Beale (Laughing Squid), Jon Alloway, Richard Darigo. Edited by Olivier Bonin. You’ve heard about Burning Man, about Santacon (with over 10,000 Santa Claus gathering in Ireland), but have you heard about the Cacophony … [Read more…]

700 Club visits Burning Man in 1996

In 1996 a group under the name “The Sentinel Group” goes to Burning Man, right during the year themed as “HELL”. After gathering hours of footage during the event, they went to the TV show “The 700 Club” hosted by the wealthy, supposedly christian, Pat Robertson, one of those extremists that you can find only … [Read more…]

Write your comments on the film!

This space is for your comments on the film if you have seen it, don’t hesitate to write what you’ve liked and not liked about the film. Constructive criticism is highly recommended. And when you’re done just send those comments to your friends to let them know about the film, this film highly depends on the word of mouth.

Film Completed

It took slightly more time to complete the film than we thought. Lack of money, lack of time, lack of resources. The music also finally came together in a grand way, produced and directed by master Samuel Fajner. We’re really happy that the film has its original score. There are still a few details, like … [Read more…]

Back to the Black Rock

We were not completely satisfied with footage that we had of the Black Rock without Burning Man, so we went back twice in July to film, and actually to do some little re-enactment, just to give the stories from Larry Harvey and Adrian Roberts a bit more punch.