Thin Line Film Festival, Texas. Feb 18th 2010

thinlinecrestFebruary 18th 2010. 7pm
Campus Theater, Denton, TX

Thin Line Film Festival just announced that Dust & Illusions was selected for their 2010 sessions. This is a good news. Thin Line happens in Denton, TX, just north of Dallas. I will try to set up a video link to do the Q&A as I will be away from the country during that period of time.

The film will have almost had a full year theater tour in the US. A very successful one, with almost every show sold out. The film is entertaining and at the same time is done to make one think about what the Burning Man phenomenon really represents today.

Dust & Illusions is also different from a lot of other film, in the fact that I’m not looking for distribution, yet the film is working really well. I hope it will continue.

Enjoy the film in Texas!

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More info and TICKETS here!

Campus Theater Denton, TX. Thin Line Film Festival 2010

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