The Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society from Madnomad Films on Vimeo. Credits: Filmed by Chuck Cirino (Weird TV), Doug Wellman, Scott Beale (Laughing Squid), Jon Alloway, Richard Darigo. Edited by Olivier Bonin. You’ve heard about Burning Man, about Santacon (with over 10,000 Santa Claus gathering in Ireland), but have you heard about the Cacophony … [Read more…]

RIP Pepe Ozan (1939-2013)

Pepe all the way. Intense, convinced, he died the way he lived. He was in charge. Great man, great passions. I wish I had visited him while he was in Argentina. Long live Pepe Ozan! Dean Mermell announced the sad news this morning: Pepe Ozan has died. He took his life yesterday. He was a … [Read more…]

Beyond camera consumerism, Photography can also be Art.

Yes, there might be a problem on how we try to document every single thing we see, but that problem is sourced in the way we consume, in the way we are as a society: it is entrenched into our contemporary culture. To change the way we photograph, is to change the way we live almost. It’s all inter-connected… a giant neurosis, that we need to work on all together. And of course I think Burning Man is part of the solution if it demonstrates a bigger interest in the method of doing art together…

Operation Restore Defenestration

Operation Restore Defenestration will bring back a welcomed visual to the neighborhood where locals and visitors flock to this playful destination. With your support you can help put the magic back into this beacon that brightens its surroundings and is so deeply loved by the community.

David Warren Memorial, Suicide Club Co-Founder. Jan 2nd 2010

In 1978 David, along with Gary Warne, Adrienne Burk and Nancy Prussia had a wild experience where they clung desperately to a heavy barricade chain atop the seawall under the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point as thirty foot waves crashed down on top of them. Later, in the early hours of January 3 over hot chocolate the four friends decided to start a club where they would encourage members to “live each day as though it were their last” by creating events and experiences that would challenge their deep personal fears, expand their knowledge and understanding of their world and those in it AND be hella fun. This group became the San Francisco Suicide Club.

Arguing about Copyrights at Burning Man

If you plan on taking pictures like 40,000 people at Burning Man, it’s a good idea to read this. Burning Man has a strict set of rules so participants can feel their privacy won’t be violated, and their image won’t be abused. The Burning Man organization (Black Rock Limited Liability Corporation) requires all journalists, and … [Read more…]

Goodbye To Tom Kennedy: Art Car Artist, Activist, Teacher & Prankster

Tom Kennedy left us on April 12th 2009, the birthday of my son. Tom became a close friend through our collaboration on his and my projects. We were planning new projects and were looking at the future together. Tom has always been very generous, and inspiring. His activism impressed me because he fought for what he believed. And surprisingly to me, he did it all with a smile, always happy and positive. I will miss Tom.