30 years of Burning Man history. From the renegade spirits of the 1970s in San Francisco, to the multi-million dollar business the event has become, the film looks at this necessary and explosive evolution.

«Love the humour and brutal honesty. Amazing collection of footage and interviews.»
«I was glad to see some balanced criticism, even though I fully support Burning Man.»
«The films stands solidly as a historical documentary.»
«This is an excellent documentary, as it’s not all starry-eyed and uncritical»
«More than a history: a well-constructed story, a daring statement, but gracefully done without anger.»
«Dust and Illusions is the only worthwhile documentary about Burning Man. Most are navel-gazing, utopian affairs.»
«I am impressed with the way this film presents its criticism. It is both tactful and nuanced