DVD: The screenings tour ended in Dec 2011. In 2012 we hope to produce a special limited edition DVD (maybe a few hundreds). You can enter your email address if you want to receive a very few emails updating you on the status of this.

Theaters/Festival: Please use the contact page for your screening request.

San Francisco Bay Area only: Private screening can be arranged on request. Please allow for a minimum of 2 weeks notice for your request. Contact us here.


Dec 10th, Lake Worth, FL
June 25th, Osaka Japan
June 8th, Tucson, AZ
June 7th, Phoenix, AZ
June 6th, Flagstaff, AZ
April 16th 2011, Tokyo, JAPAN
March 31st 2011, Baker City, OR
March 24th 2011, Portland, OR
March 23rd 2011, Eugene, OR
March 6th 2011, LA American Cinematheque
San Francisco, CA. 01/27/2011
Eugene, OR. 01/13/2011
Melbourne, Australia. 12/15/2010
San Leandro, CA. 12/04/2010
Helsinki, Finland. 11/29/2010
San Francisco, CA. 10/28/2010
Newcastle, UK. 10/20/2010
Portland, OR. 10/14/2010
Reno, NV. 8/21/2010. Screening at Nevada Museum of Art.
Amsterdam, Netherlands. 7/23/2010.
Santa Cruz, CA. 6/32010.
Cape May, NJ. 5/30/2010.
Pittsburgh, PA. 5/30/2010. Benefit for MSF.
San Francisco, CA. 5/26/2010.

Minneapolis, MN. 5/6/2010.
Seattle, WA. 4/23/2010.
Spokane, WA. 4/22/2010.
San Francisco, CA. 4/21/2010.
Amsterdam, HOLLAND. 3/25/2010
San Francisco, CA. 3/25/2010
Amsterdam, HOLLAND. 2/25/2010
San Francisco, CA. 2/11/2010
Montréal, QC, Canada. 2/4/2010
Philadelphia, PA. 2/3/2010
Toronto, ON, Canada. 2/3/2010
Calgary, AB, Canada. 1/28/2010
New-York ,NY. 12/15/2009
Boston, MA. 11/12/2009
Baltimore, MD. 11/11/2009
New-York, NY. 11/10/2009
Hamburg, Germany Selected at the RADAR Hamburg Intl Indie Film Festival 11/5/2009
San Francisco, CA Selected at the SF DocFest 10/17/2009 10/22/2009
Vancouver, BC. 10/10/2009
Seattle, WA. 10/8/2009
Boise, ID. Selected at the Idaho International Film Festival 9/26 9/27/2009
Reno, NV Benefit for BRAF Reno! 8/13/2009
London, UK. 8/6/2009
Boise, ID. 7/25/2009
Detroit, MI. 7/17/2009
San Jose, CA. 7/16/2009
Olympia, WA. 7/11/2009
Denver, CO. 7/11/2009
Seattle, WA. 7/10/2009
Vancouver, BC. 7/8/2009
Chico, CA. 6/26/2009
Seattle, WA. 6/20/2009
Berkeley, CA. 6/4/2009
San Francisco, CA. 5/2/2009
San Francisco, CA. 3/28/2009


June 28th 2008
San Francisco, CA
Special screening & benefit for the Flaming Lotus Girls.
(over $1,000 collected towards Mutopia, their new piece for Burning Man 2008).

After the success of the first screening at the Lab, Dust & Illusions is programing another show of the rough cut at Cellspace, and it will be a benefit for the Flaming Lotus Girls! Featured on Laughing Squid also.

June 9th 2008
San Francisco, CA
Dust & Illusions has been selected for its first screenings by the Lab in San Francisco for its Rough Cuts Series. This is the first cut of the film, and the screening is meant to get constructive criticism from the audience.

Rough Cuts is a series of work-in-progress documentary screenings that are produced every other month at The LAB. Each evening one rough cut of a feature-length documentary will be screened, followed by a moderated conversation about the film led by guests who are either accomplished filmmakers or established film professionals. These post-screening discussions are designed to give the filmmaker a better, more objective sense of what is working and not working with his/her film, with particular attention paid to improving the film’s structure and narrative clarity.