700 Club visits Burning Man in 1996

In 1996 a group under the name “The Sentinel Group” goes to Burning Man, right during the year themed as “HELL”. After gathering hours of footage during the event, they went to the TV show “The 700 Club” hosted by the wealthy, supposedly christian, Pat Robertson, one of those extremists that you can find only in America, preaching the bible and making millions at the same time.

I found this incredible excerpt of the 700 Club during my search for archival footage about Burning Man. Here it is, in raw:

700 Club & Sentinel Group visits Burning Man 1996 from Madnomad Films on Vimeo.

The man from the Sentinel Group called George Otis, really looks like Ned Flanders, and not just physically.

1996 was a turning point year for Burning Man. There was a death and several people severely injured by a car driving over their tent while they were sleeping. The theme that year was HELL, and it wasn’t just a theme. One of the main show was HELCO, where this corporation from Hell was trying to buy out Burning Man, but was saved in-extremis by John Law, going down a zip-line after setting a six-story building on fire.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 12.01.33 PM
Photography by William Binzen ©1996. All rights reserved.

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