Official Selection Pärnu Int’l Documentary Festival. July 2009

The Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival has selected the film. That’s the 2nd film festival. Another good news. I hope they will keep coming.

Despite some of the criticism I received from people in the Burning Man organization, saying that the film might turn people away from the festival, it will actually very much do exactly the opposite. This film is an honest account of certain aspects of the festival, and an account of its history that will mesmerize people who have never heard of Burning Man, and certainly attract people outside of the US, which will be a good thing. Remember the belgians in 2006, when they brought the Waffle, I mean Uchronia, we were all so impressed. Well it’s time for people from different horizons to impress and inspire us again about what Burning Man is all about!

Many people who have never been to the festival came to tell me after each screening that they really want to go… not only to party, but to participate in creative collaboration, which is what the film tries to present as the essence of Burning Man.

Pärnu Docfest is happening on July 5-26 2009.

Please continue supporting the film, this will help with finishing the last bits of Voice Over, and Sound Mix so needed. Click on Support the film button on the right hand side.

Screening announced:

Monday July 6th 2009, 7pm
THE MUSEUM OF NEW ART (10 Esplanaadi Str.)
Pärnu, Estonia

Pärnu, Museum of New Art

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