Official Selection Idaho Intl Film Fest Sept 24-27th 2009

Dust & Illusions has been selected by the Idaho International Film Festival that happens yearly in Boise, ID. This is the 3rd film festival selection, and other film festivals are now showing interests. About 10 other festivals have either invited me to send them a screener of the film or/and have waived the usual fee that most American film festival requires to pay to cover some of their administration cost.

Bruce Fletcher the director of the festival wrote this little commentary on the film:

DUST & ILLUSIONS, Olivier Bonin’s fascinating, controversial documentary takes a privileged glimpse at the history and future of Burning Man, one of the most important (if not the most important) counter-cultural movements of the last two decades.

Bonin provides a thoughtful and critical overview of the event’s transformation from a humble guerilla art project on San Francisco’s Baker Beach to a major corporation that funds artists, fosters a year-round virtual community, and builds Black Rock City in the middle of nowhere on a yearly basis.

If you’ve never been to the playa, DUST & ILLUSIONS will give you an excellent idea of exactly what you’re missing, and veteran burners will see the direction the event is headed (for better or for worse). Don’t miss it. – Bruce Fletcher

You can find all the schedule details of the festival here: Dust & Illusions is programmed to play on the following dates:

  • September 26th 2009, 2:30pm at The Flicks
  • September 27th 2009, 9:15pm at Edwards Boise Downtown Stadium 9

Idaho International Film Festival. Sept 2009

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