Amsterdam Screening. Feb 25th 2010

Feb 25th 2010. 8pm
Living Tomorrow (the House of ID&T) De Entree 300, 1101 EE, Amsterdam
SOLD OUT, but don’t worry we will have a second show, either right after this one, or a month later. We’re talking to “Living Tomorrow” who is hosting this event.

After 9 months of sold out screenings through the states, London, Hamburg, the film is showing in Amsterdam. DIRECTOR will be doing Q&A after the film.

Facebook Dust & IllusionsInvite your friends to the Event. Support the film, invite people, and the film will remain outside of the traditional corporate model of making/distributing films. THX!

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  • “+ support the film” tickets feed the donation funds on the right hand side of the page.
  • The film starts at 8pm sharp. Film is 90 minutes long. Be on time
NO PAPER TICKETS will be issued to you.
Bring your ID, a paypal transaction print out and write your name on it!
If you buy this ticket(s), you accept that all tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Living Tommorow. Amsterdam

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