A film by Olivier Bonin
Editor: Arthur Guibert
Narrator: Tom Kennedy
Producers: Imagine, Madnomad Films (France).
Original Score by Samuel Fajner

Interviewees by order of appearance (*BM = Burning Man)
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Jerry James, Burning Man co-founder & Carpenter. BM since 1986.
Larry Harvey, Burning Man co-founder & Executive director. BM since 1986.
John Law, Burning Man co-founder & director (until 1996) & Cacophonist. BM b/w 1989 and 1996.
Michael Mikel, Burning Man co-founder & director. BM since 1986.
Michael Hopkins (Flash), Artist. BM since 1986.
Kevin Evans, Artist. BM since 1990.
William Binzen, Artist & Photographer. Created Desert Siteworks in 1992. BM since 1990.
Charlie Gadeken, Artist & Boxshop Artist studio’s director. BM since 1992.
Pepe Ozan, Sculptor. Participated in Desert Siteworks in 1993. BM since 1993.
Chicken John, Event Promoter. BM since 1995.
Adrian Roberts, Newspaper publisher, Piss Clear (Burning Man publication) Editor. BM since 1993.
Marian Goodell, Burning Man Communication & Finance director. BM since 1995.
Rebecca Anders, Artist, Flaming Lotus Girls. BM since 1997.
James Stauffer, Writer, Flaming Lotus Girls. BM since 2005.
Jim Mason, Artist, The Shipyard’s artist studio’s director. BM since 1994.
Pouneh Mortazavi, Artist, Flaming Lotus Girls. BM since 1998.
Rosa Anna DeFilippis, Molecular Biologist, Flaming Lotus Girls. BM since 2001.
Caroline Miller, Molecular Biologist, Flaming Lotus Girls. BM since 2000.
Tom Price, Burning Man Environemental Manager. BM since 1997.
Patrick Mulroy, English Writing Teacher. Attendee in 2006.
Christine Kristen (LadyBee), Burning Man Curator until 2008. BM since 1997.
Bill Kennedy, San Francisco Bay Area Artists Patron.

Archival Footage

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  • 10 principles document, by Black Rock LLC, Courtesy of Black Rock LLC
  • Conference on Burning Man, by Larry Harvey and David Best, at University of Michigan in 2005, Filmed by Jeremy Hockett, Courtesy of Jeremy Hockett

Special Thanks to
All of the Flaming Lotus Girls, Brian Doherty and his excellent book “This is Burning Man”, The Burning Man organization, The almighty Robert Burke, B’anna Federico, Jessica Hobbs, Michael Prados, Steve Jones, Judy West, Suzanne Couture, Dana Albany, Lisa Nigro, Flynn Mauthe, Jeremy Hockett, John Bogard, Rachel Riggin, Stephen Rademaker, Niko Von Broembsen, Brian Goggin,
Florencia Aleman, Charlie Smith, Rosana Scimeca, Chrissie Wilson, Seth Malice, Steve Heck, Dave X, Doug Keister, Kate Raudenbush, Saul Melman and Jadu Beta’s crew, Pam McGaha, Michael Taluc and crew, Andie Grace, Sherry Carter, The Temple’s crew, Deep End’s crew, Sol System’s crew, Crude Awakening’s crew, Burning Silicon’s crew, Pinklectica’s crew, The Crucible, Piaute Tribe of Pyramid Lake Reservation, Nimby Art Space, Ace Auto Junkyard, Burnin’ Bush, & the unforgettable La Contessa!

And a special thanks to Aki Tanaka & Antoine Bonin

Film Funding & Co-Production

  • Co-Producers:
  • Madnomad Films (Paris, France)
    Imagine (Paris, France)

  • Additional Funding from:
  • CNC (Centre National de la Cinématographie) (Paris, France)
    PROCIREP (Paris, France)
    ANGOA (Paris, France)

A production of Madnomad Films & Imagine ©2009