Special Screening in Boise, July 23rd.

July 23rd 2009. 7:00pm
The film starts at 7:00pm sharp. Film is 83 minutes long. Be on time.

Click on the address below for map/access:
The Flicks
646 Fulton St., Boise

Get Tickets Below. $8 Pre-sales. $11 Door.

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About the film: Dust & Illusions looks at 30 years of history of Burning Man all the way back to the late 1970s deep into the origins of the event. Through 21 interviewees the film presents the philosophies that fueled the creation of the festival, and its evolution from a small gathering of friends to the largest “counter-cultural” event in North America. It offers a new perspective of the meaning of the event, and questions whether its organizers are more concerned about making sure the show is ready when the gate opens or if they still truly engage in building a community and fostering art (Check their budget outline).

Tickets can be purchased here at the door tonight July 23rd only. There are 15 tickets left as of Thursday morning.
Bring your ID to the screening to get in since Paypal gives me your name. If you’re not the person under the Paypal account or want to give your tickets to someone else, print out a copy of the transaction. No paper tickets will be issued to you.

The Flicks Theater in Boise, ID

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  1. Millicent Lewis

    If you’re coming to Boise, why don’t you come on down to Salt Lake City… there’s a huge burner community here.

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