1. To the dust,

    Hi- I’m Rob with Vokab Kompany- we’re an indie, soul, hip-hop, electronic mash of music ‘all live’ outta San Diego, Ca. We’d love to have you do a screening here and in fact have a few unique facilities that could provide ample room, atmosphere, and (here’s the catch), a place to have an “after-screening party” of which we’d bring our crowd =)

    We played with Mutaytor at BM as well as Decompression (LA) and for NYE in SF at Sea of Dreams. We tour throughout CA, NV, and AZ but have gathered a nice following around town and in fact have a show this Wednesday at Canes with BLVD (SF) and Break Science (NY) which will be covered by NBC San Diego as a feature about local bands doing something different.

    This screening (I believe) would be one of those differences. Last year was my first to The Man. I think I definitely had an incorrect idea of it prior to going because I was never properly educated on it. I not only think this would make people more aware of the unique event and city that it becomes but, also the organization and community it gathers from all walks of life of which we call “Burners”.

    Contact me at vokabkompany@yahoo.com if interested.

    ..from the illusion

    Robbie and Burkey
    Vokab Kompany

  2. Ana Young

    I just happened to come across your request for a venue and thought you might be interested in coming to Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.We put a festival on every summer here called Shambalah which attracts quite an international crowd from around the world including many burners as well.I just did my first Burning Man last year and it blew me away.I’ve realized since that there is a large population of burners within this community and I think your film would spark a lot of interest.We have lots of options for debuting your film as well as “after burn” dance party locations we can hook up.
    Nelson is one of the top progressive art communities in Canada and is host to one of the best music/dj scenes around.Besides just being a beautiful place to visit I think you would really enjoy connecting with the community and sharing your project with such a receptive audience.
    Lemme know what you think.

  3. Oliver, Hey, it’s Deb…..we emailed you about doing FRINGE. We are probably the farthest & the deadline has passed, but, it could be fun.
    Maybe we could work something out.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Today is Tuesday. Thanks, Deb

  4. Greetings,

    I just stumbled across this. I work for a beautiful venue here in San Francisco called Temple Nightclub. What better place to screen your film then at the Temple! We even have an art installation here called the Stargate space portal. It features an enchanting array of glowing alien sculptures, mural, and other electrifying surprises woven together to immerse viewers in a unique fantasy environment.

  5. Hi Oliver-
    I’m one of the burningman Regional Contacts in Salt Lake City Utah, and I just saw the trailer for your film and your call-out for venues. As I watched the trailer, I thought that it would be a great show to bring to the “outlying areas” (i.e., beyond the Bay area) to connect people with some of the things that Burning Man started out as, and is evolving through. I also thought that it would be a great starting point for an after-show discussion of the questions and points that you brought out in the trailer– has Burning Man turned into a “brand” where you know what you’re getting, or is “what you’re getting” actually a pathway towards a deeper “drug” of community participation and creation? Or is it something(s) else entirely, depending on who you are and where you’re coming at the festival from?

    And, we have a great community here, and it would also be very fun to turn people loose from the theatre straight onto an “Esplanade” after the show!

    Another advantage of Salt Lake City is that we are on I-80 and I-15, so we are “on the way” to a lot of other places should you decide to, or be able to, take your show on the road.

    Our regional burn (Element 11) has been going on for 10 years now (!ahh!) and had about 1,000 participants last year. This year its scheduled for June 18-21. However, I don’t think that there necessarily needs to be any timing “tie” between the event and your film, if you were able to bring it here. Our community is year-round now, and we would be very excited to host you anytime you could come through.

    good luck– I really want to see the movie now that I’ve seen the trailer!!

    Chris Cline
    Salt Lake City, UT

  6. Think about coming out to the East Coast. We’ve got a little burn called Transformus. Third weekend of July.

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