John Law’s New Book

Excerpt from Laughing Squid’s blog:

John Law just finished a book called the Space Between and had a release at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco.

The Space Between is a collection of three stories inspired by the author’s lifelong obsession with bridges. An avid urban adventurer and bridge historian, the author shares his passion for these engineering marvels while delving into their potential to fuel our dreams, fears, and nightmares. Part dreamscapes, part adventure tales, these narratives take the reader on an exploration of bridges to inspire their contemplation on a structural as well as metaphysical level.

John draws from his personal experience of admiring and ascending bridges in the Bay Area and around the world. He has a perspective that literally few people have on local icons the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. There’s no more fitting place to discuss San Francisco’s icons than City Lights, founded by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti in 1953 and a landmark ever since in SF’s North Beach neighborhood.

The book is available now from Furnace Press.

John Law is Special Projects Coordinator for Laughing Squid. He is also a proud accomplice and associate of such noted cabals as Survival Research Labs, Dark Passage, and Cyclecide. And he is a known wrangler of The Dogminican Trinity, a trio of mysterious and ginormous canine heads which often appear in times of benign creative cacophony or unrepentant mischief around the Bay Area.

The Doggies and John Law

A true multimedia threat, John co-produced and appears in the film Head Trip a documentary about those same dog heads making the trip from SF to NYC for a Laughing Squid show and in the process fraternizing with every roadside attraction along the way.

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